Renaissance Octad PS Ceiling Medallion

The Renaissance Octad PS Ceiling Medallion stands as a paragon of decorative artistry, melding historical inspiration with modern practicality. It is a piece that not only elevates the design of a space but also offers the flexibility to become whatever one desires it to be through its customizable color feature. For the discerning interior designer, the diligent wholesaler, or the innovative retailer, this medallion represents an opportunity to infuse spaces with a bespoke elegance that is as versatile as it is visually stunning. Embrace the Renaissance Inspired PS Ceiling, and let it bring a touch of customizable sophistication to your esteemed collections.

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Renaissance Octad PS Ceiling Medallion

Product Description

Model No.

BRY11-F-149    Size110*110cm
MaterialPS (Polystyrene)Thickness7cm
Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.Color

Antique Golden, can be negotiated     

20pcsHS Code

Product Advantage

Renaissance Inspired PS Ceiling

Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal

The medallion's appearance draws inspiration from the ornate ceilings of Renaissance palaces, adorned with golden accents and a central motif that echoes the era's artistic achievements. The symmetrical design is a feast for the eyes, with each turn revealing a new layer of detail. The customizable color feature allows for personalization to match any decor, making each medallion a unique centerpiece tailored to its surroundings.

Customizable Elegance PS Ceiling

Versatility in Design

Recognizing the diversity of today's design needs, the Renaissance Octad PS Ceiling Medallion has been crafted with versatility at its core. The neutral base color complements a broad spectrum of interior styles, from Baroque to modern minimalism. It serves as a unifying element in eclectic spaces or as a standout statement piece, adapting to both residential and commercial environments with ease.

Customizable Color Palette

One of the medallion's most striking features is its customizable color palette. This adaptability allows designers to select hues that harmonize with the existing color schemes of their projects, ensuring a cohesive and integrated aesthetic. Whether it's bold tones to make a dramatic impact or subtle shades to enhance a serene ambiance, the medallion can be tailored to meet the exact vision of any creative mind.

Octagonal Harmony PS Ceiling

Craftsmanship and Durability

Crafted from premium polystyrene, the medallion is not only a visual delight but also a durable addition to any interior space. The material choice ensures that the intricate designs remain sharp and defined over time, resisting common forms of wear and degradation. This durability promises lasting beauty and an enduring appeal that transcends fleeting trends.

Installation and Maintenance

Ease of installation is a hallmark of the Renaissance Octad PS Ceiling Medallion. Its lightweight structure allows for simple and secure placement, reducing the time and effort required for installation. When it comes to maintenance, the medallion presents a hassle-free experience. Its surface is designed to repel dust and resist staining, ensuring that its splendor is preserved with minimal upkeep.

Multiple Art Design


Renaissance Inspired PS Ceiling

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