Baroque Grandeur PU Mirror Frame

The Baroque Grandeur PU Mirror Frame transcends its role as a mere reflection surface to become an integral part of a room's decor. It combines the elaborate beauty of the Baroque period with modern functionality, offering a versatile and durable solution to designers, wholesalers, and retailers alike. This frame offers an enduring aesthetic, unmatched durability, and versatile functionality. It represents not just a piece of decor but a commitment to timeless design and the adaptability required for contemporary living spaces.

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Luxury Mirror Frame With Affordable Price

Product Description

Model No.

MaterialPolyurethaneApplicationHouse, Hotel, Restaurant, Salon, etc.
Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.Color

Antique Copper Foil, can be negotiated 

20pcsHS Code

Product Advantage

Ornate PU Mirror Frame

Magnificent Visual Craftsmanship

The Baroque Grandeur Mirror Frame is an exquisite representation of the elaborate and detailed baroque style. With ornamental crests and flourishes that cascade along its borders, the frame is accentuated with gold and crimson highlights that bring out the depth and texture of each embellishment. The central motif, an elegant Fleur-de-Lis, crowns the mirror, imparting a sense of royalty and classic luxury.


Functional Elegance

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, the frame boasts several functional features. Firstly, its polyurethane construction ensures it is both lightweight and durable, negating the cumbersome nature of traditional materials without sacrificing the grandeur of the piece. Secondly, the frame is designed with an anti-warp structure, maintaining its integrity and appearance even in fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels.

Durable PU Mirror Frame

Versatile Installation

The Baroque Grandeur Frame is equipped for various installation methods. Whether it is to be mounted on the wall as a statement piece in a grand hallway or leaned atop a mantle for an intimate setting, the frame's design accommodates both, thanks to the integrated mounting fixtures that ensure stability and security.


Customizable PU Mirror Frame

Design Integration

This PU mirror frame is not just an accessory but an integral part of the design environment it inhabits. Its baroque elements allow it to stand out as a focal point in a room, while its color palette makes it complementary to a variety of interior styles, from classic to transitional.

Multiple Art Design  

Ornate PU Mirror Frame
Durable PU Mirror Frame
Customizable PU Mirror Frame

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