Elegant Marble-Patterned PS Molding Mouldings

Our Marble-Patterned PS Molding is an embodiment of form meeting function in interior design. Our Elegant PS Mouldings elevates the aesthetic of any room without compromising on environmental principles or user convenience. Whether you are an interior designer seeking to add a final touch of refinement to your project or a homeowner looking to upgrade your living space, our Elegant PS Mouldings offers the perfect blend of durability, elegance, and ease of use.

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Polystyrene Waterproof Cornice Mouldings

Product Description

Model No.

MaterialPS (Polystyrene)Length

2.4m/pcs, 2.9m/pcs, 3.6m/pcs, can be negotiated    

Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.ColorMarble-Patterned Moldings as photo, can be negotiated
MOQ3,000m/designHS Code392590, 392690, etc.

Product Advantage

Marble-Patterned Moldings

Sophisticated Shape

The shape of our Marble-Patterned Moldings is a testament to classic design principles, boasting clean lines and a subtle curvature that make Marble-Patterned Moldings an ideal bordering tool for ceilings, walls, and floors. 

The design of Marble-Patterned Moldings is versatile enough to complement both contemporary and traditional decor, making Marble-Patterned Moldings a universally appealing choice for designers and homeowners alike. 

When installed, Marble-Patterned Moldings creates a seamless transition between surfaces, enhancing the visual flow of the space. It frames rooms, draws the eye upwards to highlight high ceilings, and adds depth and character to the walls. The shadowing effect produced by the Marble-Patterned Moldings' profile can also accentuate the lighting dynamics within a room, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and dramatic.

Elegant PS Mouldings

Environmentally Friendly

Crafted from high-quality polystyrene, our Elegant PS Mouldings are not only designed to mimic the grandeur of natural marble but also to do so in an environmentally conscious manner.

Polystyrene was chosen for its lower environmental impact compared to traditional wood moldings and its absence of deforestation implications. The production process is designed to be eco-friendlier, minimizing waste and using less energy.

Furthermore, our Elegant PS Mouldings is recyclable, which means it can be repurposed at the end of its life cycle as Elegant PS Mouldings, reducing the burden on landfills and promoting a sustainable cycle of use.

Marble-Patterned Moldings

Ease of Installation

Our Elegant PS Mouldings is lightweight, which means that a single person can handle the installation process without the need for heavy lifting equipment. This feature is particularly beneficial for DIY enthusiasts who wish to undertake a home improvement project without the added cost of professional installation services. Moreover, the material of Elegant PS Mouldings is easy to cut and fit, allowing for quick adjustments on-site, which is essential for spaces with unique architectural quirks.


Elegant PS Mouldings

Marble-Patterned Moldings
Elegant PS Mouldings
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