Classic Rococo PU Polyurethane Wall Panel

The Classic Rococo PU Wall Panel is a masterpiece of interior décor, reflecting the grandeur and finesse of the Rococo period while offering the practical benefits of contemporary materials. Durable, lightweight, and easy to install, this panel presents a solution for those who desire to infuse their projects with classic artistry without compromising on quality and practicality. It is an excellent choice for enhancing the aesthetic of any space, promising enduring appeal and unmatched sophistication.

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Classic Rococo PU Polyurethane Wall Panel

Product Description

Model No.

Waterproofed, etc.Color

White Bottom Gilded Golden, can be negotiated    

MOQ50 piecesHS Code392590, 392690, etc.

Product Advantage

Ornate PU Wall Panel

Exquisite Rococo Design

The Classic Rococo Wall Panel is a feast for the eyes, featuring ornate scrollwork, florals, and the timeless elegance of the Rococo style. It captures the essence of 18th-century French design, where every detail is a testament to an era of elaborate decoration. The central urn, a symbol of abundance, is flanked by curvaceous motifs, creating a balanced and refined aesthetic.


Durability in Design

Crafted from premium quality polyurethane (PU), this wall panel is built to endure. Unlike traditional plaster or wood panels, it resists the effects of time and wear, maintaining its intricate details and luxurious golden hue without succumbing to the usual wear and tear.

Rococo PU Wall Panel

Lightweight Elegance

The Classic Rococo Wall Panel offers the visual impact of heavy, carved decor but stands apart with its surprising lightness. This lightweight nature ensures that the panel can be handled and installed with ease, allowing for greater design versatility and the opportunity to adorn walls without the need for extensive reinforcement.


Ornamental Versatility

This panel's design is incredibly versatile, allowing it to complement various settings, from the grandeur of classical themes to the accentuation of modern minimalism. Whether it graces the walls of an opulent dining room or adds a touch of luxury to a boutique hotel, it enhances the ambiance with a touch of historical sophistication.


Durable Polyurethane Wall Panel

Easy Installation

Ease of installation is a key advantage of the Classic Rococo PU Wall Panel. Its lightness simplifies the setup process, enabling quick and efficient mounting, which is invaluable in both time-sensitive projects and do-it-yourself undertakings.


Long-Lasting Beauty

The durability of the PU material ensures that the beauty of the panel is not fleeting. It is designed to withstand the rigors of interior environments, meaning that it will continue to impart elegance and luxury for years to come, with minimal maintenance required.


A Statement of Refined Taste

The Classic Rococo Wall Panel is more than just an addition to a room; it is a statement of refined taste and artistic appreciation. It serves as a testament to the timelessness of Rococo art and the advancements in modern material technology.


Ornate PU Wall Panel
Rococo PU Wall Panel
Durable Polyurethane Wall Panel

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