Baroque Splendor PS Artistic Ceiling Medallion

Elevate interior spaces into realms of historical grandeur with the Baroque Splendor PS Artistic Ceiling Medallion. This piece is a paean to the opulent and intricate designs that hallmarked the Baroque period, tailored for the contemporary connoisseur. Ideal for interior designers, wholesalers, and retailers, this medallion offers an unmatched blend of visual splendor and utilitarian benefits over other decorative materials.

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Baroque Splendor PS Artistic Ceiling Medallion

Product Description

Model No.

BRD1420-F-073   Size140*200cm
MaterialPS (Polystyrene)Thickness7cm
Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.ColorAntique Golden, can be negotiated 
20pcsHS Code

Product Advantage

Baroque Detail PS Ceiling Medallion

Aesthetic Eminence

The Baroque Splendor medallion radiates an aura of sophistication with its detailed embossing and regal color palette. A complex pattern of golden acanthus leaves unfolds across a textured, cream background, framed by a meticulously crafted border that draws the eye inward to the central sunburst motif. This medallion is not just a ceiling adornment; it's a centerpiece that commands attention, transforming any interior into a space of aristocratic charm.

Durable Elegance PS Artistic Ceiling

Enhanced Durability

Constructed from premium polystyrene, the Baroque Splendor medallion excels in durability. Unlike traditional plaster or gypsum, this material resists warping, cracking, and peeling, ensuring the medallion's intricate details remain sharp and defined over time. Its resilience against humidity and temperature fluctuations makes it an ideal choice for environments that challenge the integrity of other decorative materials.


Easy-Install PS Ceiling

Installation Efficiency

This PS Artistic Ceiling Medallion outshines others with its efficient installation process. The lightweight design negates the need for specialized tools or structural reinforcements, allowing for a quick and clean installation. Adaptable to various ceiling types, it can be secured firmly with simple adhesives and integrated effortlessly with existing or new light fixtures, reducing installation time and costs.

Multiple Art Design


Baroque Detail PS Ceiling Medallion

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