Baroque Flourish Overdoor Wall Décor

The Baroque Flourish Overdoor Wall Décor stands as a testament to the blend of classic design and modern practicality. With its stunning baroque-inspired aesthetics, insect and stain resistance, and ease of installation and maintenance, it presents an ideal solution for those in the design industry seeking to impart lasting beauty and elegance in their projects.

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Vintage Overdoor Wall Décor

Product Description

Model No.

PUMT-05-FSizeW73*L10 cm
MaterialPolyurethaneApplicationHouse, Hotel, Restaurant, Salon, etc.
Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.ColorAntique golden, can be negotiated 
20pcsHS Code

Product Advantage

Ornamental Overdoor Wall Décor

Intricate Baroque Aesthetics

This piece is a celebration of the ornate and elaborate style that dominated the Baroque era. It features a symphony of swirling foliage and ornamental flourishes that create an arresting visual display. Finished in a rich golden hue, each detail is highlighted, from the smallest leaf to the boldest curve, culminating in a design that commands attention and elevates the sophistication of any space.


Insect and Stain Resistance

Crafted from advanced materials, the Baroque Flourish Overdoor Wall Décor is engineered to resist the detriments of insects, ensuring that its aesthetic remains unblemished over time. Furthermore, its stain-resistant properties mean that this decor retains its pristine appearance, free from the common vulnerabilities that affect lesser materials.


Baroque Overdoor Wall Feature

Regal Overdoor Accent

Traditionally placed above doorways to signify wealth and status, this overdoor wall decor continues the tradition, adding a touch of regal opulence to entrances and passageways. Its generous proportions and captivating design make it a focal point, instantly transforming the ambiance of an entryway or room.


Lightweight and Durable

Despite its robust appearance, the wall decor is surprisingly lightweight, ensuring it can be hung with ease and without the need for extensive support structures. The durability of the materials used guarantees that this piece will withstand the test of time, maintaining both form and function.


Golden Overdoor Wall Accent

Versatile Installation

The Baroque Flourish Overdoor Wall Décor is designed for versatility in installation. It is suitable for a variety of settings, from residential homes to commercial venues, enhancing the visual appeal of doorways, mantles, or as a standalone decorative element on a feature wall.


Low Maintenance Requirement

Ease of maintenance is a key benefit of this overdoor decor. Its resistance to insects and stains means it requires minimal upkeep, ideal for busy settings where time and resources for extensive care are limited. A simple dusting or wipe-down is typically enough to keep it looking its best.

Multiple Art Design  

Ornamental Overdoor Wall Décor
Baroque Overdoor Wall Feature
Golden Overdoor Wall Accent

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