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PS Ceiling Panel

The product is suitable for all kinds of ceilings’ decoration. At present, all the best-selling varieties contain the classic shape of the curved double scroll which is extremely decorative. Since the products are all made by steel molds, the surface is fine and the quality is uniform. 

Waterproof, Moistureproof, Mouldproof, High Density and Strong Quality .Suitable for Interior Decorative Luxury Ceiling Designs for Hotels, Houses and Casinos .Mainly made by Polystyrene.

The company's current five production workshops: PS low foaming workshop, surface treatment workshop, FRP decoration workshop, The wood-like low-foaming workshop adopts PS wood-like low-foam production process (patented technology), which is a typical green building material for interior decoration materials to replace wood. The performance indexes of the products meet or exceed the general wood, and there are secondary processing. Performance, sawing, planing, nailing, showing strong market potential; surface treatment workshop water transfer printing, sand gold, sand silver and other processes in one, the product is processed into various wood texture and imitation gold, imitation silver, etc.

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