Rococo Reverie PU Mirror Frame

The Rococo Reverie PU Mirror Frame is a testament to the harmonious blend of old-world aesthetics and modern ecological standards, it brings a piece of history into contemporary spaces with a nod to sustainable practices. Its anti-pest and eco-friendly attributes make it a forward-thinking choice for any interior setting, while its captivating design ensures that it remains a timeless addition to any designer's collection. This PU Mirror Frame is a testament to the harmonious convergence of art, functionality, and environmental stewardship.

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Antique Mirror Frame

Product Description

Model No.

MaterialPolyurethaneApplicationHouse, Hotel, Restaurant, Salon, etc.
Waterproofed, Anti-moth, etc.Color

Antique Silver, can be negotiated 

20pcsHS Code

Product Advantage

Ornamental PU Mirror Frame

Rococo-Inspired Design

The Rococo Reverie Mirror Frame is a celebration of the whimsical and flamboyant style of the Rococo movement. Its curves and swirls are reminiscent of the grandeur found in Parisian palaces, with a touch of playful charm. The elaborate floral motifs and shell-like accents around the border are executed with precision, providing an air of luxury and sophistication.

Anti-Pest Durability

Constructed from high-density polyurethane (PU), this mirror frame is not only stunning but also resistant to pests, such as termites and woodworms, which are known to damage traditional wood frames. This resilience ensures the longevity of the frame's exquisite appearance and structural integrity.

Sustainable PU Mirror Feature

Eco-Friendly Material

In a time where sustainability is of the utmost importance, the Rococo Reverie Mirror Frame is an eco-friendly choice. The PU material is less taxing on the environment than traditional wood harvesting, and its durability means the product will not need frequent replacements, further reducing its environmental impact.

Aesthetic Versatility

The silver finish of the Rococo Reverie Mirror Frame is both versatile and timeless, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a variety of decors, from the classical to the contemporary. It is designed to complement any space it adorns, enhancing the area with its reflective charm and elaborate detailing.

Decorative PU Mirror Decor

Lightweight and Practical

Despite its intricate appearance, the mirror frame is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to handle and hang. This practical aspect allows for greater flexibility in placement and reduces the need for heavy-duty hardware for mounting, thereby simplifying the installation process.

Statement Piece for Interiors

The Rococo Reverie Mirror Frame is more than a mirror frame; it's a statement piece that captures the essence of an era known for its artistic exuberance. It demands attention and serves as a focal point in any room, reflecting more than just a likeness but also the refined taste of its setting.

Contribution to Healthier Interiors

The PU material used in the frame contributes to healthier interior spaces, as it does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like some treated woods. Its contribution to indoor air quality is an added benefit, particularly in settings where health and comfort are paramount.

Multiple Art Design  

Ornamental PU Mirror Frame
Sustainable PU Mirror Feature
Decorative PU Mirror Decor


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